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In the context of Workers’ Compensation, I can provide a well informed response to these
comments or questions:

           I was hurt on the job and I don’t know what to do now. 
          If I was injured on the job, when should I report it?
          I’m not sure when it happened but I can’t do my job the last few days.
          Can I go to my own doctor instead of the one my job sent me to?
          Do I need a lawyer if they are paying my medical bills?
          My weekly benefits have stopped, but I still can’t work, what should I do?

These are matters that need to be addressed soon after an employee is injured on the job. 
You will find answers to questions that arise later in a case if you read further on this site.


Long Term Disability 

    You must follow all administrative procedures if you have been denied, or if your benefits have ceased, and this must be done promptly, according to all time frames set out in the policy, or contract.  Ultimately, a lawsuit in Federal Court may be filed if you have followed all procedures for administrative appeal.  Fortunately, in most instances, it is very unlikely you will have to go to trial.​ 
     The interplay between LTD payments and Workers’ Compensation benefits is very intricate and complicated, presenting much difficulty for lawyers handling one, when the other is involved, or both simultaneously.  If you are in this situation, you need an experienced lawyer that has dealt with these difficulties before.
   You should not depend on a clerk in a Human Resources to explain how it works or how to fill out your initial application for Short Term Disabilty, or try to get help from someone in the doctors office.

     A Divorce should be approached as an Accounting.
    If you are considering divorce you should stay off social medial, clean up what you've done before you file and secure copies for yourself of all the records.  I do not recommend downloading data from someone's computer or server other than your own, even if it is considered to be your spouse's computer, sometimes shared by you.
Are you thinking of engaging a lawyer to draft a contract between you and another party (individual or business), but have not worked out an agreement that covers all of the pertinent terms and details.  If so, consider that you might well enter into a “Memorandum Of Intent,” for the purpose of solidifying your agreement before the final contract is presented for signature.
An injured worker who has been hurt on the job must recognize that benefits are not automatic.  If you can obtain advice from a Workers’ Compensation lawyer, you should.  My view is that any Claimant who can get a lawyer should have one.
George has handled a wide variety of Wrongful Death cases, and other Death Claims.  These are sensitive situations in dealing with the family.  If the lawyer is confident in what he needs to do in the case, he will be better able to separate his tasks and deal with the family on the  most human level. compensation-injury lawyer-statewide representation-motorcycle accidents-Oil and Gas-mineral rights-mineral ownersip-mineral deeds